United Agricultural Cooperative Inc. is the result of several ag cooperatives merging along the Texas Gulf Coast over the previous century. The original consolidation of El Campo Farmers Cooperative (1929) and Modern Farmers Cooperative Society (1928) was formed to increase operational efficiency and reduce duplication of services to better serve farmer members in the agricultural community. United Ag in the current state began in 1982 as Farmers Cooperative of El Campo (FCEC). In 2012, FCEC merged with another cooperative, Danevang Farmers Cooperative Society Inc., for many of the same reasons. At that time, the name was changed to United Agricultural Cooperative, Inc. (United Ag) to better reflect the broad customer base and geographical area served by the recently expanded cooperative. Today, United Ag’s membership consists of 1,165 farmers, ranchers and landowners involved in agricultural production. Although United Ag’s core business units revolve around grain and cotton commodities, United Ag’s various business divisions reflect a bigger picture of what United Ag supplies to both its members and non-members alike.

For more information about United Ag or to speak with a United Ag representative, call 979-543-7756 or visit our website at www.unitedag.net.