Hoofstock Genetics is proud to partner with the 2019 ABBA National Braham Show.

Hoofstock Genetics provides the industry’s most advanced technologies and proficiency to expedite the proliferation of the Brahman’s exceptional genetics. A wide range of services such as, embryo transfer, in vitro fertilization and reverse sorted semen are just a few of the technologies Hoofstock offers to assist all Brahman breeders to achieve their goals.

Hoofstock Genetics was founded in 2010, specializing in assisted reproduction in cattle, deer, exotics, and other small ruminants. Originating in Ranger, Texas, Hoofstock Genetics now has multiple IVF labs in Texas and several satellite centers spanning across the United States. The Hoofstock team is comprised of industry leading veterinarians, embryologist and technicians from all over the world. Hoofstock has a dedicated team of customer care and support that always targets to exceed your expectations.

For more information about Hoofstock Genetics or to speak with a Hoofstock representative, call 1-888-4-COW IVF or visit our website at